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Financial Information and Insurance

We have created great flexibility for our patients so that they can afford their orthodontic therapy, and we offer several payment options that can fit almost any family budget.  Affordability should never stand in the way of a patient being treated.

Our staff is well versed in all options, so never hesitate to call if you should have a questions on which payment plan would be best for you.


We accept most insurance plans and will accept assignment (i.e., we will fill out the forms and do the work for you), which makes things easier for the patient.

Orthodontic insurance never pays the full benefit up front.  The insurance company pays their portion over the entire treatment time.

If your insurance is ever cancelled or interrupted before the full benefit is paid, the remaining portion will become your responsibility.  The full quoted fee will always need to be satisfied upon completion of orthodontic treatment.

If the patient does not have orthodontic insurance, they will be responsible for the entire fee.

If the patient does have orthodontic insurance, the patient will be responsible for the remaining portion of the fee.

( Total Fee – Insurance Coverage = Patient responsibility )

The patient’s responsibility can be paid by cash, check, credit card, or by a care credit account, which we will help set up for you.

Below we will describe our four payment options; however, if you should ever have any questions or need help determining which plan is best for you, please do not hesitate to call.


Payment Option 1

Pay Entire Fee at Start of Treatment

A 7.5% discount will be granted for any fee (Phase1 or Phase 2) paid in full at the time of initial appliance placement.

This fee may be paid by cash or check.

A 5% discount will be granted if fee is paid in full at start of treatment with a personal credit card.

Advantage:  A reduction in total fee for treatment received.


Payment Option 2

Care Credit Financing 1


A no interest option will be offered over 12 or 24 months if fee is paid in full within this time period; however, an initial processing fee will be charged at the start of treatment.  The entire processing fee will be shared with the practice (50/50).

12 Months  – – – – – 9.9%

24 Months  – – – – – 14.9%


$4600.00 total fee charged to patient.

$1000.00 of insurance coverage paid by insurance company.

$3600.00 remaining on balance to be financed with Care Credit at 24 months no interest.  (payments made directly to Care Credit)

Processing fee  $3600.00  X  (14.9%)  =  $536.40

$536.40  /  2  =  $268.20 to be paid by patient at start of treatment.  Processing fee to be paid directly to Dr. J. Jeffrey Arnold.  The practice will pay the other half of the processing fee.

Advantage:  A small processing fee to avoid large down payment and to gain 12 or 24 months of no interest payments.


Payment Option 3

Care Credit Financing 2

Extended payment plans can be contracted with Care Credit over 24, 36, 48, or even 60 months.  Fixed monthly payments can be arranged at 14.9% APR with no processing fee charged to the patient.  The patient would have no down payment and no processing fee with this option.

Advantage:  No Processing fee and no down payment.

Disadvantage:  Interest charges do apply.


Payment Option 4

Traditional Plan

Patient may pay fee over entire treatment time with 0% finance charge.

Phase 1 treatment – – – – – 12 payments (months)

Phase 2 treatment or Comprehensive care – – – – – 24 payments (months)

A down payment of approximately 25% will need to be made at the start of treatment.  The remaining portion of the fee can be broken down over the treatment time.  All payments are made directly to Dr. J. Jeffrey Arnold.  Payments may be made by cash, credit, personal check, or Care Credit card.

Payments need to be made monthly regardless if patient fails to make appointments.  A credit card will be kept on file to ensure payments are made in a timely manner.

(Delinquency will not be tolerated.  Quoted fees will be more than competitive but will need to be paid on schedule.  Failure to meet financial responsibilities may result in discontinuation of care.)  Care Credit will be provided as an option for payment in such situations pending approval.

Advantage:  No interest charges

Disadvantage:  25% required down payment

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