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Testimonials  J. Jeffrey Arnold,  Orthodontics

Professional Confidence:
As a dental hygienist, I see the work of many local dental professionals while working on my patients. The best orthodontic care invariably comes from the office of Dr. Jeff Arnold. When it came time for my own children to have braces, there was no question as to where I would take them. Dr. Arnold is a perfectionist and spared no attention to detail. However, what most impressed me was his rapport with my children — they actually enjoyed going to the orthodontist! I cannot recommend this office highly enough.     Debbie


Great Office:
I had my first child treated at Dr. Arnold’s office. We then moved a half hour away. I had my remaining 3 children treated there also even though there were other options around the corner. We would never consider going anywhere else.     Tina


Adult Patient:
I am 46 year old female who never had braces as a child. As a business women, I became increasingly self-conscious about my teeth. This office made me feel very comfortable coming in for treatment as an adult, and even had a separate treatment room for my privacy. I look and feel younger and owe it all to Dr. Arnold and his staff. Three of my work colleagues we so impressed with my results, they have also begun treatment with Dr. Arnold.


Friendly Staff
Dr. Arnold and Staff interact like they are family.  You can tell they have been together a long time and love what they do.  We know we are being treated well and have fun at the same time.     Nicole


Surgical Success
I am a 32 year old male who had consulted on three previous occasions with orthodontists about my severe underbite due to a very protruding lower jaw.  I never felt confident enough to proceed with the recommended surgical treatment plan until I consulted with Dr. Arnold.  He assembled a team that included him, my dentist, and an oral surgeon.  From start to finish, Dr Arnold made sure that I was comfortable with all aspects of my follow up care.  He was in constant contact with my other doctors to ensure that I was okay and that all treatment goals were being met.  The end result was an improved profile, teeth that fit my bite more comfortably, and an overall positive impact on my appearance and confidence.  I only wish I had done this sooner!  It may sound dramatic, but Dr. Arnold has truly changed my life.      Mark


J. Jeffrey Arnold, Orthodontics for Children & Adults. 25 Years of Quality Orthodontic care in Ashtabula and Lyndhurst Ohio.
" I truly love what I do "